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  1. 01connection

    Connect with coaches directly, you can ping coaches to view profile

  2. 02collaboration

    Work with other student athlets to increase visability. When you share and like other player videos it will increase you visability as a player. This is the team work aspect to Surface 1.

  3. 03growth

    Resources and tools for you to get better as a student Athlete. Access to traning classes, tutor sessions etc.


  1. 01connection

    Connect with talented athlete directly? you can watch their skills through video showreels directly from Surface 1.

  2. 02collaboration

    Work with recruiter to increase you chances of finding talented athlete.

  3. 03growth

    Save your time, recruite proper athlets for your team.


be active

Post videos with your skills, like and follow others to be more popular.


find contact

Contact others to find right coach or athlete you are looking for.


work it

Enjoy being a student athlete, the recruiting process can be overwhelming, we want to make this a enjoyable experience.